Selected Experience

Tug & Barge Operation

  • Tug & barge and cargo service for construction project on Kwajalein, Marshall Island - requiring both the movement of bulk aggregate and large specialized building cargo.
  • Barge towing services from US West Coast to Guam and Japan.
  • Tug and barge service for machinery and waste products to and from site clean-up projects on Johnston Island Atoll and Amchitka, Alaska.

US Government

  • Harbor tug services for the US Navy base in Diego Garcia for a joint British/US operation in the Indian Ocean.
  • Fuel barge delivery system between Korea and Japan for the US Navy.
  • Tug and barge services for munition movements from California, Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska.
  • Resale and logistical management for the Navy Exchange Command (NEXCOM).
  • Tug services towing housing barges from the US West Coast to Naval facilities in the far east for the US Military & US Coast Guard.

Marine Terminal Operations

  • Own and operate a marine terminal in Seattle, WA handling lumber products and building materials to Alaska, as well as selected general cargoes to other Pacific Coast ports. This service includes contract charter vessels offering a full “Turn Key” service to our customers.

Bulk Marine Transport

  • Shipping program to move cement via tug and barge between California, Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington.
  • Shipping program for coal, gypsum, and petroleum coke between the US, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Evaluate and implement a 15-year vessel charter contract for movement of coal from Indonesia to a new power plant in Hawaii.
  • Market analysis and operational plans for rail/barge operations enabling railroads to access competitor’s markets via water instead of rail.
  • Develop load center for the movement of plastic pellets via rail and ocean transport.


  • Operate marine transportation program for recyclable metal materials on the U.S. West Coast.
  • Implement remote floating dry dock and vessel support system to assist in clean up of “Exxon Valdez” oil spill in Alaska.